Syria Before and After...
 Pre-war Aleppo
• A Moment in Aleppo
• Three days before...
• Before and After
• Aleppo before and after


Syrian Conflict:
 Searching for Syria
• UNICEF - Syria
• Facts & Figures: Syria refugee crisis & international resettlement
• Hamza Ali Alkhateeb, 13 years old, murdered by Syrian security forces (warning: graphic content)


Refugee Crisis:
• UNHCR - Figures at a Glance
• The refugee crises the world forgot


Global Response:
 UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency
• The International Rescue Committee
• The Syrian American Medical Society
• The Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees
• Human Rights Watch


Response within Syria:
• The White Helmets
• #SummerInSyria


Resettlement Agencies:
• New York Refugee Resettlement Providers
• Refugee Services Provider Directory


How Can I Help?
• Donate to The Angle Project and help us spread awareness, and develop educational programming and art centered around the issue of displacement

• Donate to aforementioned organizations

• Lots of support worthy projects can be found here:

• Volunteer with The Angle Project and other organizations in the city

• Reach out to resettlement agencies and offer help with providing material and emotional support and integration activities

• Organize your community and offer social events (free language classes, cultural events (dinners, arts and crafts, etc.), food/clothes/furniture drives, etc.)

• Be creative: put yourself in the position of someone who lost a home, a country, and needs to start a new life elsewhere. What kind of help would you need and want?